Invest in your employees; invest in your company

The prospect of self-development and the actualization of potentials are a great pull for many employees. This is why investment in employees is very vital. Employers have to understand that the investment comes back to the company in multiple folds as the employees try new ideas and make better decisions.

The growth of companies like Google and Adobe is not unrelated to the heavy investments they put in their employees. Google, for instance, invests so much in its employees that the company offers everything from laundry facilities to places for naps, and creatively executed common areas as well. They also provide free breakfast, lunch and dinner; health and dental benefits; and hybrid car subsidies to keep their employees happy. The result of this is seen in the several innovative projects that its employees have come up with. Googlers are allowed to spend 20 percent of their time pursuing special projects they feel are worth their time. Many of their best products, such as Gmail, Google Maps, Google Cardboard, Adsense and Google Talk, are products of this policy.

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