It is popularly said that “customers come first” but Richard Branson has helped put this statement in a proper perspective: “employees come first; customers come second”. This is an important principle in the business world. If employees are well invested in and their innovativeness encouraged, customers would get the best services and treatment.

Employees are the blood flowing through the veins of a company. It is their contribution that keeps the company in existence and once a business starts to lose employees, the end may be drawing close for the company.

However, the glaring fact is that many employees are dissatisfied with their jobs. According to the “State of the Global Workplace” survey conducted in 2017, 85% percent of employees are dissatisfied with their current jobs, the world over. More disheartening is what is being lost in productivity. It was discovered that almost $7 trillion is lost every year, the world over, in productivity. 

How then do we change the narrative and increase productivity in our workplaces? Money is a factor, but many times, it becomes secondary. Many employees often quit their jobs because of learning and growth opportunities. An IBM study revealed that employees who do not feel they are developing in a company are 12 times more likely to leave it.

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