Outsource Africa is a leading recruitment agency based in Lagos, Nigeria. We are specialists in recruiting talents and understand the effort it takes to find the right talent. From our screening/ profiling of candidates to final selection, we are with you every step of the way.

Exciting Recruitment Experience

At Outsource Africa, we place a premium on the best recruitment experience. We turn the process into one that gets the candidates engaged. From screening to orientation, we focus on creating new and exciting chapters all the way.

Our Greatest Asset is Our People

Our team comprises of a crop of brilliant and highly exceptional experts who understand the market needs and are motivated to provide this. They hunt for talents to add to our database and are highly reliable when it comes to the process of determining who fits in the most in a particular role. 

Our professionals are from different industries and they know what operates in different markets. They easily bring their knowledge and experience to the table to solve every of our client’s problems.

Deep Knowledge of Our Client’s Business

Today’s market is one that places a premium on specialization. We understand this. Thus, we ensure that our team members are experienced professionals from different fields. We place a premium on specialization when bringing new members to our team.

More, through our periodic research of trends in several industries, we can understand what changes are occurring and we optimize our strategies to meet the evolving situations.

Action and reaction – the keys to our success

We constantly strive to have the finest listening skills in the recruitment industry. This is necessary to identify the true needs of each of our clients. We listen carefully, react quickly and offer solid advice. This is the key to our success and it has helped us retain our client’s recruitment businesses since inception.

Learning and Development Services

Beyond recruitment of talent, we also provide coaching services across various classes of employees of the organization to help build and improve the workforce. Our Learning and Development services provide training programs to all integral parts of the workforce; administrative assistance, contract employee and entry-level to executive management.