The best business move your company can make

Investment in their Employees is by far the Best Business Move that Companies Can Make

It is popularly said that "customers come first" but Richard Branson has helped put this statement in a proper perspective: "employees come first; customers come second". This is an important principle in the business world. If employees are well invested in and their innovativeness encouraged, customers would get the best services and treatment.

Employees are the blood flowing through the veins of a company. It is their contribution that keeps the company in existence and once a business starts to lose employees, the end may be drawing close for the company.

However, the glaring fact is that many employees are dissatisfied with their jobs. According to the “State of the Global Workplace” survey conducted in 2017, 85% percent of employees are dissatisfied with their current jobs, the world over. More disheartening is what is being lost in productivity. It was discovered that almost $7 trillion is lost every year, the world over, in productivity.

How then do we change the narrative and increase productivity in our workplaces? Money is a factor, but many times, it becomes secondary. Many employees often quit their jobs because of learning and growth opportunities. An IBM study revealed that employees who do not feel they are developing in a company are 12 times more likely to leave it.

Invest in your employees; invest in your company

The prospect of self-development and the actualization of potentials are a great pull for many employees. This is why investment in employees is very vital. Employers have to understand that the investment comes back to the company in multiple folds as the employees try new ideas and make better decisions.

The growth of companies like Google and Adobe is not unrelated to the heavy investments they put in their employees. Google, for instance, invests so much in its employees that the company offers everything from laundry facilities to places for naps, and creatively executed common areas as well. They also provide free breakfast, lunch and dinner; health and dental benefits; and hybrid car subsidies to keep their employees happy. The result of this is seen in the several innovative projects that its employees have come up with. Googlers are allowed to spend 20 percent of their time pursuing special projects they feel are worth their time. Many of their best products, such as Gmail, Google Maps, Google Cardboard, Adsense and Google Talk, are products of this policy.

Give room for innovation

When employees see that they are engaged and are empowered to make decisions, they get a sense of belonging and they make moves that are in the best interests of the company. Talent is an important resource but there needs to be room for the talent to make an expression in solutions. This is one thing that Virgin puts as a cardinal principle.

Every investment in an employee is an investment in the company. The employee is empowered to make smarter decisions.

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