We Offer Full Cycle Recruitment Services

At Outsource Africa, we take over the full cycle recruitment process leaving you the chance to focus on other aspects of your business. Our expert sources, recruiters, and admin professionals know how to discover the talents you need on your team to scale your business.

  • Identify And Analyze
  • Source
  • Screen
  • Select
  • On-Board

Identifying the Client’s Need

Receive Open Job Roles

When we get a job order, we check the description to better understand the role. To be perfectly sure of the job requirements and descriptions, we may require further clarification.

Understand Client’s Requirement

If we don’t understand the requirement for a personal job, we get in touch with you and assign a professional who takes down what you have in mind.

A Well Optimized Database of Candidates

Active Sourcing Techniques

We keep an extensive database of candidates and our team of experts is always on the hunt for fresh talents. We reach out to several candidates through the use of several platforms which include LinkedIn, Job boards, and many others.

Passive Sourcing Techniques

We understand the technicalities involved in filling some hard-to-fill roles. To reach potentials, we attend job fairs, use extensive networking, and constantly reach out on the telephone.

Phone Screening & Out of Hour Contact

Qualification and Profiling

We conduct a thorough screening of every candidate in our database to get the required information for profiling. We match requirements with the stored information to see matching prospects.

Resume Processing

When a candidate matches the qualification for a position, we format the resume and process it for further steps.


Our professionals are flexible and they work out of hours to reach prospects on the phone and other platforms. This is practically for the convenience of candidates whose resumes are being processed. They call to ensure that candidates are aware of scheduled dates and hours for their interview. 

Candidate Selection and Hiring

Ensuring Candidate Availability

We go the extra mile to ensure that candidates are available. Thus, we send them daily reminders and countdowns to their interview dates. We also confirm their availability for joining and process details accordingly.

Reference Checks

We ensure that all candidates provide verifiable references. We thoroughly verify these before they are registered into our database. As a matter of priority, we ensure that this is done fast enough so that other processes are not hindered.

Pre-hire Assessments

This requires some time from candidates. Thus, we ensure that these get to candidates at their convenience. 

On-Boarding Candidates

Licenses and Regulatory Checks

To ensure a smooth on-boarding process, our team of experts checks all licenses and also conducts regulatory checks before candidates join your company.

Confirmation of Booking

Once we have the candidate on-board, we notify you of the placement we have made. 


A proper orientation helps with the retention of candidates. With a list of exciting events, we ensure that the candidate gets the best orientation at the new workplace. We also help to kick start a healthy relationship with colleagues and co-workers.


Building a fresh database of relevant resumes for open job role

Back Office

We help you save time and cost on the entire recruitment process to orientation.

Out Of Hours

Our team players are very flexible and we can reach candidates at their convenience. We are available 24/7.

Executive Search

Our team comprises mature recruiters who can effectively network and headhunt senior-level executives.

Candidate Generation

We conduct qualification checks, profiling, and availability checks for open roles.

Multilingual Requirements

We have team members who have professional proficiency in several international languages such as English, French, Mandarin, and German.