Out of Hours
Why Out of Hours Recruitment Services?

We understand the urgency of the recruitment process, and we deploy our resources to meet targets and deadlines by reaching out to candidates at relaxation hours. Our team comprises highly flexible professionals. We further understand the scarcity of human resources, thus, we are always in the market to recruit talents suitable to your requirements.

What Outsource Africa Offers

Our 24/7 services are not limited to sourcing activities, but we also offer your recruitment business offshore dedicated recruiter to take ahead the sourcing efforts. We also provide 365-day out-of-hours services to ensure your requirements are met at all times.

For Candidates

Anywhere in the world, great candidate experience is vital to any successful recruitment process. Our team is up 24/7 ensuring that candidates are reached at their convenience.

Our professional recruiters deployed for your 24/7 support can schedule calls after 5 pm, early morning, or over the weekend. Through our Out of hours contact, we help you improve your ability to schedule interviews, undertake compliance tasks, and check candidate's availability with a greater probability of offering a great recruiting experience to the candidates.

For Clients

We are proactive in customizing our offshore dedicated recruiter services to our clients and particularly for clients providing short notice bookings like temporary medical recruitment agencies. In such cases, we can properly cover your beyond work hour process requirements effectively and efficiently.

Our 24/7 sourcing and recruiting team is also able to take the bookings directly from your clients and place them on your locum management system for you to work on in the morning or for immediate requirements the dedicated team appointed for your process can start working on the open jobs.

Pre-Interview Calls

When there is an interview scheduled early morning the very next day and your in-house team cannot take pre-interview calls with the candidate, it can act as a deal-breaker. But not when you have Outside Africa by your side offering you impeccable 24/7 sourcing, night sourcing, and offshore dedicated recruiter services ensuring that such situations are properly handled by your offshore team from our delivery centers in Lagos, Nigeria.

Our professional offshore dedicated recruiting consultants understand the importance of pre-interview calls so they put in extra effort to collect all important information from your client, for example, interview time, place, documents required at the time of the interview, interview type, company briefing, etc., and then convey that to the candidates making sure that they are well prepared for the actual interview.

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