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Why Outsource Your Entire Recruitment Process to Outsource Africa?

We are experts in recruiting talents and we know what it takes to find the most fitting candidate for the opening you have. We are experienced in working in the 21st-century staffing market and we are very aware of the growing challenges in today's business world. You have a lot on your plate already, you should outsource the recruitment process. It is a tedious and exhaustive process. However, it is our specialty. It is where we are industry leaders. And it is what motivates our brilliant crop of professionals to deliver cutting edge results to all of our clients


A lot of candidates are fresh out of university, many are looking at making career decisions and leaps, while many others are looking for new experiences. It is not unusual to have a flood of applications for a single vacancy. How do you then sort through the rubble to get the best? Going at it yourself will cost time and money, which invariably affects your profit margin. This is why top companies outsource to us. We have developed a cutting edge process for selecting the most fitting candidate for a role. This process has successfully worked with several clients. Since recruitment is the bulk of what we do, we have no other choice than to be ahead of the industry itself.

Process Efficiences

Apart from our cutting edge recruitment process, we face every project with certain goals. These are key differentiators and they set us apart from the competition in the market. We aim at:

  • Aligning to your business methodologies and values
  • Providing you fully trained and specialized recruiters
  • Putting a dedicated resource model to work
  • Ensuring that our sourcers and recruiters go topnotch in providing a remarkable customer experience
  • Ensuring that our experts work with efficiency and dedication to achieve targets within less turnaround time

For Clients

  • A dedicated process for the recruitment of talents
  • An efficient and cost-effective recruitment process
  • Great candidate hiring and onboarding experience as the candidate’s experience is a priority
  • Efficient and sustainable recruitment life cycle with quick turnaround providing talent channel for future needs

You Need Outsource Africa

Every recruitment process is a challenge. It requires a workable plan, strategies, people, and money. You need clarity to get the best out of the process. And clarity, we offer you. You need a company you can rely on to oversee the process. We are here for you.

At Outsource Africa, we believe and invest behind certain key principles to a happy offshore recruitment outsourcing engagement, namely – business readiness, clarity over the scope of work, expectations settings, demarcated dependencies, and governance methodology. Based on these and with extensive knowledge and experience of working in the recruitment domain we have worked with clients within the healthcare, oil and gas, engineering, hospitality, and information technology sectors.

Let's handle your recruitments.
Every recruitment process is a challenge. You need a company you can rely on to oversee the process. We are here for you.
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