Recruitment Services
We Offer Full Cycle Recruitment Services

At Outsource Africa, we take over the full cycle recruitment process leaving you the chance to focus on other aspects of your business. Our expert sources, recruiters, and admin professionals know how to discover the talents you need on your team to scale your business.

Identify and Analyze

Identifying the Client’s Need

  • Receive Open Job Roles
  • When we get a job order, we check the description to better understand the role. To be perfectly sure of the job requirements and descriptions, we may require further clarification.
  • Understand Client’s Requirement

If we don’t understand the requirement for a personal job, we get in touch with you and assign a professional who takes down what you have in mind.


A Well Optimized Database of Candidates.

  • Active Sourcing Techniques
We keep an extensive database of candidates and our team of experts is always on the hunt for fresh talents. We reach out to several candidates through the use of several platforms which include LinkedIn, Job boards, and many others.
  • Passive Sourcing Techniques
We understand the technicalities involved in filling some hard-to-fill roles. To reach potentials, we attend job fairs, use extensive networking, and constantly reach out on the telephone.


Phone Screening & Out of Hour Contact

  • Qualification and Profiling
We conduct a thorough screening of every candidate in our database to get the required information for profiling. We match requirements with the stored information to see matching prospects.
  • Pre-Interview
Our professionals are flexible and they work out of hours to reach prospects on the phone and other platforms. This is practically for the convenience of candidates whose resumes are being processed. They call to ensure that candidates are aware of scheduled dates and hours for their interview.


Candidate Selection and Hiring

  • Ensuring Candidate Availability
We go the extra mile to ensure that candidates are available. Thus, we send them daily reminders and countdowns to their interview dates. We also confirm their availability for joining and process details accordingly.
  • Reference Checks
We ensure that all candidates provide verifiable references. We thoroughly verify these before they are registered into our database. As a matter of priority, we ensure that this is done fast enough so that other processes are not hindered.
  • Pre-hire Assessments
This requires some time from candidates. Thus, we ensure that these get to candidates at their convenience.


On-Boarding Candidates

  • Licenses and Regulatory Checks
To ensure a smooth on-boarding process, our team of experts checks all licences and also conducts regulatory checks before candidates join your company.
  • Confirmation of Booking
Once we have the candidate on-board, we notify you of the placement we have made.
  • Orientation
A proper orientation helps with the retention of candidates. With a list of exciting events, we ensure that the candidate gets the best orientation at the new workplace. We also help to kick start a healthy relationship with colleagues and co-workers.


Building a fresh database of relevant resumes for open job roles

Back Office

We help you save time and cost on the entire recruitment process to orientation.

Out of Hours

Our team players are very flexible and we can reach candidates at their convenience. We are available 24/7.

Candidate Generation

We conduct qualification checks, profiling, and availability checks for open roles.

Sourcing Candidates

The process of getting the most fitting talent for a role can be tedious. The labour market is large and it takes diligence and professionalism to effectively comb through the market to find suitable prospects. However, we take this as a major task and face it squarely.

We have a wide database that contains profiles of several prospects and we are always on the hunt for fresh talents.

We understand the sensitivity that comes with executive positions and we have the right persons for this job.

Our professionals ensure that they get you the best candidates for your open roles.

Database Cleansing

  • Database Regeneration
To ensure that our database only contains profiles of fresh talents, we flush obsolete data. Our professionals are always on the hunt for fresh talents and this means we never run out of fresh data.
  • Re-establishing Contact
We understand that you may have a candidate database that has gone redundant. As a practice we adopt, we constantly establish relations with candidates to update their resumes and profiles with new information.

Candidate Qualification and Profiling

Outsource Africa offers candidate qualification and candidate profiling process through its offshore candidate sourcing and recruitment support service. Our team comprises professionals who are highly skilled and experienced in several fields and can easily research about experience and qualification of candidates to be processed further to fill in job roles.

  • Finding the Most Suited
Our professionals ensure that the most suited candidate is presented to fill the role you have vacant.

Candidates Availability for Open Position

We check to ensure that the candidates that fit in specific roles are available for the offers. If not, we continue our search to find you the most fitting candidate for the role.

  • We Make the Calls and Schedule Interviews
Having to contact an extensive list of candidates for a position can be long and tedious. We help you through this. Our team makes the call to every candidate and schedules interviews both virtually and digitally to assess them.


  • Executive Search
To meet the ever-increasing demand for middle and senior-level executives, we engage in passive candidate sourcing with high-value candidate data generation. Through both conventional and unconventional recruitment process sourcing methods carried out by senior and fully trained sourcing experts, we get you the best minds you need to fill the roles.

Organizational Mapping

  • Telephone Sourcing
We understand the intricacies involved in getting senior-level executives as they may not be on any job boards. We have a team of professionals highly skilled in networking who can find ways to connect with these candidates and get the roles filled. We rely on telephone networking as the internet may not give much and connections of this caliber require personal connections.

Highly Efficient Resume Sourcing

We employ only the best at Outsource Africa. We further ensure that we train them to hunt talents and get the best candidates for our clients. Our professionals are skilled in hunting talents through the internet, traditional means, conventional and unconventional means, and direct networking.

Background Checks

We conduct pre-employment checks, results verifications both locally and for international academic institutions, address verification and regulation identification checks for your employees through the life of their career with your organization.

We will ascertain that all the employment documents are validated to eliminate any form of employment fraud.

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