The process of getting the most fitting talent for a role can be tedious. The labour market is large and it takes diligence and professionalism to effectively comb through the market to find suitable prospects. However, we take this as a major task and face it squarely.

We have a wide database that contains profiles of several prospects and we are always on the hunt for fresh talents. 

We understand the sensitivity that comes with executive positions and we have the right persons for this job.

Database Regeneration

To ensure that our database only contains profiles of fresh talents, we flush obsolete data. Our professionals are always on the hunt for fresh talents and this means we never run out of fresh data. 

Re-establishing Contact

We understand that you may have a candidate database that has gone redundant. As a practice we adopt, we constantly establish relations with candidates to update their resumes and profiles with new information.

Outsource Africa offers candidate qualification and candidate profiling process through its offshore candidate sourcing and recruitment support service. Our team comprises professionals who are highly skilled and experienced in several fields and can easily research about experience and qualification of candidates to be processed further to fill in job roles.

Finding the Most Suited

Our professionals ensure that the most suited candidate is presented to fill the role you have vacant.

We check to ensure that the candidates that fit in specific roles are available for the offers. If not, we continue our search to find you the most fitting candidate for the role. 

We Make the Calls and Schedule Interviews

Having to contact an extensive list of candidates for a position can be long and tedious. We help you through this. Our team makes the call to every candidate and schedules interviews both virtually and digitally to assess them.

Executive Search

To meet the ever-increasing demand for middle and senior-level executives, we engage in passive candidate sourcing with high-value candidate data generation. Through both conventional and unconventional recruitment process sourcing methods carried out by senior and fully trained sourcing experts, we get you the best minds you need to fill the roles.

Telephone Sourcing

We understand the intricacies involved in getting senior-level executives as they may not be on any job boards. We have a team of professionals highly skilled in networking who can find ways to connect with these candidates and get the roles filled. We rely on telephone networking as the internet may not give much and connections of this caliber require personal connections.

We employ only the best at Outsource Africa. We further ensure that we train them to hunt talents and get the best candidates for our clients. 

Our professionals are skilled in hunting talents through the internet, traditional means, conventional and unconventional means, and direct networking.