HR Back Office Services

Dealing with the paperwork and administrative roles relating to Back Office Services can be very exhausting. It may require long hours of sorting through several candidates to see which is fitting. It may require more members of your staff. Back office services are a major aspect of our work. We work to achieve all the goals you hope to achieve from the process. This is done with speed, experience, and efficiency.

Skill Mapping

At Outsource Africa, outsourced administrative support is provided by our experts with specific industry experience. They also monitor the responses, sift through all the resumes received, map the profiles to specific skill sets on your CRM/ATS and thereby efficiently search and shortlist the appropriate resumes for further processing.

Vacancy Monitoring

Our team at Outsource Africa monitors, analyzes, and reports on the vacancies for our outsourced administrative support clients. We search for all open positions featured on relevant job boards and portals for which our clients are interested.

Plan and Prioritize Vacancies
Having served hundreds of staffing clients, we have, over the years, gathered field and industry experience. We also understand the demands of the current markets and the need for highly specialized talents. We aim to provide candidates who can give you an advantage over your competition. To do this, we draw a clear plan of how we want to source talents, screen them, and find the most fitting for the vacant roles.

Job Posting

Ideal Job Posting
Getting the best of candidates for any open position may require you to reach out to them with an ideal job posting. Further, constant monitoring of the responses to the adverts is also required. However, it is in the best interest of your recruitment business to leave these frustrating and time-consuming job posting activities to be expertly managed by our outsourced administrative support professionals.
Candidate-Oriented Classifieds
Our research team members are trained to create candidate-oriented classifieds and advertisements and post them on the various job boards, user groups, and your CRM/ATS. Further, the team constantly monitors the responses, and if required, re-posts the job positions before they expire to gain maximum candidate response throughout.

Reference Checks

Pre-employment Screening
Reference checks are a very crucial aspect of the recruitment process. However, it takes a lot of time and patience to complete this tedious task. The amount of time it consumes could be used productively to enhance the profit margins of your staffing business. But Reference chasing/pre-employment screening cannot be skipped and therefore, we at Outsource Africa bring our efficiency to the table in sorting through this back-office issue.
Mitigate Undue Risk by Reference Checks
We have a team of industry experts who work to make sure that your staffing business is far from any undue risk of wrongful hiring by taking in account the candidate's employment history, the duration of their employment, their role and past performance in their previous employment to complete and report about the background checks of the candidates.

Resolve Administrative Headlock 

Sorting through the timesheets and payroll process is undoubtedly the most difficult process in the whole recruitment process. It not only ties up your time and money but also holds you in an administrative headlock, which reduces the efficiency of your business process and also lowers your profit margins. Outsourcing this aspect will help get the job done better, faster, and easier. At Outsource Africa, this is a normal process we go through with every client.

Billing, Payroll, Contract Management, and Reporting

Our professional expertise in the domain helps us streamline your core back-office functions of timesheet and expense processing, billing, payroll, contract management, and reporting. Further, with our offshore recruitment back-office solutions, you can also reduce your cost of operations and make a positive impact on your bottom line.

How We Assist Clients
We are constantly in the labour market to hunt for talents who can fit in your international openings.
Our recruitment experts are fully trained to recruit both temporary and permanent candidates for your clients in line with the detailed brief received from you for the open positions. Our recruiters are ideally suited to streamline the processes in a way that it easily matches the timeframe you need to operate in.
How We Recruit Candidates
We are constantly on the hunt for candidates interested in new challenges and opportunities to utilize their language skills in an international environment. We specialize in recruiting highly skilled, bi- and multilingual corporate professionals at all stages of their careers across a multitude of sectors and employ a range of techniques to reach them.
We benefit from our flexibility around time zones to ensure we speak directly to candidates for in-depth assessment before putting their resume forward. Interviewing by video conference, Skype or other visual means is an important part of the service.
Let's handle your recruitments.
Every recruitment process is a challenge. You need a company you can rely on to oversee the process. We are here for you.
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