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We Are Outsource Africa

Outsource Africa is a leading recruitment agency based in Lagos, Nigeria. We are specialists in recruiting talents and understand the effort it takes to find the right talent. From our screening/ profiling of candidates to final selection, we are with you every step of the way.


HR Back Office Services

Dealing with the paperwork and administrative roles relating to Back Office Services can be very exhausting. It may require long hours of sorting through several candidates to see which is fitting.

Back office services are a major aspect of our work. We work to achieve all the goals you hope to achieve from the process. This is done with speed, experience, and efficiency.

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Out of Hours

We understand the urgency of the recruitment process, and we deploy our resources to meet targets and deadlines by reaching out to candidates at relaxation hours.

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Full Cycle Recruitment

At Outsource Africa, we take over the full cycle recruitment process leaving you the chance to focus on other aspects of your business. Our expert sources, recruiters, and admin professionals know how to discover the talents you need on your team to scale your business.

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The best business move your company can make

It is popularly said that "customers come first" but Richard Branson has helped put this statement in a proper perspective: "employees come first; customers come second".

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You Need to Embrace Conscious Leadership

As old leaders leave the scene, new leaders emerge. In many situations, the reality has been that though there is a change in the name of leaders, there is hardly a change ...

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